DP Add-on

Upgrading an existing drilling unit to a Dynamic Positioned Deepwater Drilling Unit is preferably carried out with the GVA DP ADD-ON system where four new prefabricated "corners" are added to the hull.

Benefits include:

  • Feasible for all 2:nd and higher generation units, including designs such as Aker H-3, PaceSetter, Sedco 600 & 700 series, GVA designs, etc.
  • Minimum tie-up of rig at yard
  • All DP-related power and propulsion in new structures
  • Minimum of interface to existing systems
  • Increased deck load capability
  • Four independent machinery spaces and hence no additional cost for compliance with DP 3 rules and regulations

   Typical particulars for a DP-upgraded Unit:

  • Water-depth up to 5,000-7,500 ft
  • Deck and column payload, 4-5,000 tonnes
  • Total payload, transit 4-5,000 tonnes
  • Particulars dependent on size of existing unit

   Minimum tie-up of rig at yard:

  • For pre-fabrication of new “corners” and for long-lead items 10-12 months is required
  • During pre-fabrication the rig can be on charter
  • Attachment of pre-fabricated corners and the drilling system upgrade require the rig 3-6 months at yard
  • Total conversion time 14-18 months, depending on selected yard