Engineering Tools

Machinery & Drilling Systems – Basic Software

Carrier HAP -HVAC calculation software
Fluid Flow V3 -Pressure Drop, velocities, heat exchange
PowerTools for Windows - Short circuit, voltage drop, motor start simulations, power flow
Autoplant P&ID - P&ID generation, lists (database)
AutoCad - for any 2D drawing
PDMS - Piping & equipment, escape ways, ductwork and trays, soft volumes, produces 2D drawings as required

Structural analysis Software Sesam

 DNV software design package purpose made for finite element analysis, marin applications
 Structural analysis and hydrodynamic analysis

Non-linear structural analysis

Solvia - (Blast, collision etc)

Structural analysis software

Staad-pro, 3-D Beam, Beam element analysis
Genie (DNV software) Beam and shell element analysis

Weight Control/Weight Management

MON - Weight and equipment database with input from Excel


Autoship/(Model maker)/Autohydro
NVwind - Windloads according to the ABS method


WADAM - 3 dimensional difraction program (motions, air-gap, accelerations)
POSTRESP – Results from WADAM and SESAM


MIMOSA - Mooring system analysis in the frequency domain
CASH - Time domain analysis of fully coupled vessel (platform/moorings/risers)
CASHFD - Frequency domain version of CASH
Gmoor_Opt - Mooring optimisation program
DPcalc - Static analysis of dynamically positioned vessel in 3 degr. of freedom (surge/sway/yaw)

Riser Analysis

ORCAFLEX – Time domain riser analysis program


GVA can provide PDMS design and administrative services either on global in-house basis or at the client’s location. Our owner KBR is by global measures a very large user of PDMS and can also provide services through GVA.