Floating production

GVA is recognized world wide as a prime supplier of floating production units for the upstream oil and gas industry.

GVA product lines, the GVA Series, are based mainly on our own proprietary/novel technology within semi-submersible design. One reason for GVA success within larger floating production units are the GVA patents developed and implemented in the floating production units. Patents such as four column stabilized unit, ring pontoon and DP add-on for semi conversion, to mention a few.

We provide specialized designs for these units and a design that are highly focused on personnel safety, operability and environmental considerations. This is achieved through incorporation of latest technology in all systems as well as thorough studies and design work executed within operational and maintenance aspects..

GVA has delivered production units of varying sizes. The largest unit delivered, Thunder Horse for BP, is still the world largest semi-submersible built.

GVA will offer a tailor-made designs suitable for each project and GVA will strive to meet all commercial and environmental specifications relevant to each project