GVA 12000

The GVA 12000 is a production and quarters semi-submersible. The unit is designed for the harsh environment in the North Sea with a state of the art design.


Name                        Kristin

Location                   North Sea, Norwegian Sector

Water depth             320 m (1,050 ft)

Duties                       Production and Accommodation

Status                       First oil 2005

Owner                      StatoilHydro

Design                      GVA

Topside Design        Kvaerner

Regulatory/Class      NPD/NMD/DNV









 Length over all:

 124.7 m

 409.1 ft

 Width over all:

 89.5 m

 293.6 ft

 Length of pontoons:

 88.3 m

 289.8 ft

 Height to Upper Deck:

 50.5 m

 165.7 ft

 Topside Load:

 18,100 tonnes

 39,905 kips

 Light Unit Weight:

 31,900 tonnes

 70,330 kips


 56,000 tonnes

 123,464 kips


 21.0 m

 68.9  ft

 Air gap in survival:

 20.0 m

 65.6 ft



 Gas Production:


 Water Injection:



 24 + 7 Flexibles


 104 persons

 Station Keeping:

 16 point chain-wire-chain system