GVA 5000

The GVA 5000 is a combined production, drilling, diving and quarters semi-submersible. It was the first semi-submersible production unit built. It is designed for harsh environment with drilling capability


Name                        Balmoral

Location                   North Sea, UK Sector

Water Depth             150 m (490ft)

Status                       First Oil 1986

Owner                       Agip

Design                      GVA










 Length over all:

 103.0 m

 337.9 ft

 Width over all:

 126.0 m

 413.4 ft

 Length of pontoons:

 110.0 m

 360.9 ft

 Height to Upper Deck:

 57.5 m

 188.6 ft

 Deck Drilling Payload:

 7,150 tonnes

 15,764 kips

 Light Unit Weight:

 18,900 tonnes

 41,669 kips


 34,000 tonnes

  74,960 kips

 Draught operation:

 22.5 m

 73.8  ft

 Air gap operation:

 12.5 m

 41.0 ft



 Oil Production:

 60,000 BOPD

 Gas Lift :


 Water Injection:

 100,000 BWPD

 Water Production:

 50,000 BWPD


 Flexibles risers with disconnect system


 48.7 m Derrick, 1000,000 lbs Hook Load


 Two 6 Man saturation Chamber, 3Man

 Diving Bell, 12 Man Hyperbaric Life Boat

 Station Keeping:

 8 point Chain Catenary with anchor piles