GVA 7500 Details

Main Particulars 
Length over all:118.6m389.1ft
Width over all:96.7m317.3ft
Width outside pontoons:78.1m256.2ft
Length of pontoons:108.8m357.0ft
Height of pontoons:10.2m33.6ft
Height to Main Deck:45.0m147.6ft
Height of deck box:8.5m27.9ft
Four columns:18,4 x 14,4m45,9 x 46,3ft
Transit draft:9.9m32.3ft
Transit displacement:41300mt0st
Transit deck & column P.load5300mt0st
Operation draft25.0m82.0ft
Operation displacement:56150mt184219ft
Operation deck & column P.load7500mt0st
Survival draft:19.0m62.3ft
Air gap in survival:17.5m57.4ft

Main Marine Systems/Equipment 
Power generation:8 x 5,040kW8 x 6,700HP
Thrusters:8 x 3,800kW8 x 5,100HP
Thruster control:DP 3 
Mooring system:8 point mooring, all chain 
Main deck cranes:2 x 85 mt (2 x 93 st)st

Main Drilling Systems/Equipment 
Derrick for up to 135 ft stands:750s.tons 
Top drive:1000HP 
Drawworks, active heave compensating type 
Riser tensioners, wireline type:8 x dual, 120 kips 50 ft travel 
Drllling riser, 75 ft joints:2,000 kips flange rating 
Mud pumps:3 x 1,600 kW 
BOP Stack:18 3/4", 10 000 psi   

Tank/Storage Capacities 
Fuel oil:3078m30bbls
Drill water:2600m30bbls
Potable water:1300m30bbls
Mud storage, col+pont:1600m30bbls
Mud pits:1020m30bbls
Base oil:650m30bbls
Bulk mud:620m30bbls
Bulk cement:280m30bbls
Sack storage:250m22691sqft