GVA series

The GVA series of units was originally developed as a semi-submersible and as such they were revolutionary when introduced in the late 70’s. The simplicity of the hull became quickly popular together with all the other typical benefits from the patented GVA design, benefits like:

  • Robust and simple structural configuration with a minimum of “fatigue sensitive” bracing systems
  • Rigid buoyant upper hull deck-box adding safety with its increased strength and buoyancy in an extreme event
  • Clean exterior surface of hull with internal access for inspection reduces the maintenance cost drastically and improved life length of the unit
  • Enclosed deck-box gives protection for equipment and systems which reduces maintenance cost
  • Favourable deck-payload / steel-weight ratio
  • Very good motion characteristics

All semi-submersibles of GVA design can be prepared for and equipped to confirm to all latest rules and regulations world wide, including the North Sea.