The Kristin field is a part of the Haltenbank west field. It is located near the Åsgard field where Åsgard B, also a GVA design, operates. Kristin is operated by StatoilHydro. The water depth is just above 300 m. The unit has a capacity to accommodate 24 risers, production, export and umbilicals. Totally there are 12 wells connected by the use of four sub sea templates.

GVA involvement in the project included structural and hydrodynamic FEED work for the hull, as well as site support in Korea.

The structural design is robust with a genuine structural redundancy. The concept is of the proven GVA ring pontoon type. The robust deck box is supported by the four columns and the ring shaped pontoon. The design is in accordance with the NORSOK requirements and complies also with the DNV regulations. Kristin is designed to have an operation life time of 30 years.

The Kristin semi is designed to meet the strict requirements for limited motions. The production processes, as well as the human resources onboard have rightful requirements which are fulfilled. The hull was built by Samsung, Korea and merged with the integrated deck box through a float over operation in Norway. The integrated deck box was fabricated by AkerKvaerner in Norway.

Product data:

TypeFloating production
Operation Water Depth300