Petrobras 18

The Petrobras XVIII is a GVA 4500 based on the same hull as the GVA 4500 drilling units Transocean Rather and Transocean Richarson. The unit is a production only facility.

Petrobras XVIII was delivered in 1994 and has since then been operating successfully in the Marlim field, where it is installed in a water depth of about 3,000 ft. The production capacity is 100,000 BOPD.

The first ever steel catenary riser attached to a semi-submersible was actually attached to this unit, otherwise the risers are flexibles and the quantity is constantly growing. Currently there are some 60 risers installed, all of which are tied up to the pontoon level of the unit. From here the well fluid is passing through steel pipes to the deck level. Typically the quantity of risers, that can be tied in to a semi is not a limiting factor.

Product data:

Operation Water Depth900 m