Petrobras 20

The Petrobras XX (ex Fortuna Ugland) is a GVA 4000 based on the same hull as the GVA 4000 drilling unit Treasure Saga. The unit was designed as an Accommodation and construction support unit with about 600 beds. Other main features are large storage space on main deck and inside the upper hull as well as heavy lifting facility.

The unit was designed to supply storage area, landing facilities and office space for the construction crew. A 100 tonnes and one 50 tonnes deck crane at 30 m as well as a gangway supported these operations.

The unit was designed to meet the most harsh environmental conditions in the North Sea and elsewhere. The unit is equipped with four 2.4 MW azimuthing thrusters.

The heliport, including a landing area for one helicopter type Boeing Chinook and a parking area for another helicopter is located on top of the accommodation house.

Product data:

TypeProduction converted from accommodation
Operation Water Depth650 m