Project control

Project control is essential for the success of all projects, planning, monitoring and interface control are all factors which can drastically affect project results. These areas are also highly depending on routines, procedures and each individuals experience and expertise

GVA offers support in all of the above areas based on GVA´s established and proven Contract Management System that is applied in all projects. This system ensures an effective control and execution of the work through all phases of the contract. The Contract Management will normally include managing of the Scope, Organization, Quality, Cost and Project Progress.

As a part of the management system GVA will for each project develop a contact execution plan including the following topics and that details the procedures and routines followed throughout the project:

  • Organization and Resource Plan
  • Contract Master Schedule
  • Reporting Plan
  • Contract Interface Plan and Responsibility Matrix
  • Deliverables Register
  • QA & HSE Plans
  • Mechanical Completion Strategy
  • FAT and Pre-Commissioning plan
  • Commissioning and Start-up Procedures
  • Hand-over Strategy
  • Close out Plan


    Planning and Document Control
    The main tool used is XLNt Project Control which compiles information from Planning and Document Control. The Project Control team controls the CTR Catalogue with planned and actual hours.

    The team keeps a Variation Order log up to date and issuing various reports to both Clients and GVA Project Management. The Project Accountant controls the project’s budget.

    GVA has an Electronic Document Management System, DocApp, for filing of documents and storing data. With this system GVA can support and handle flow of all project documents and ensure that transmittals and receipt dates will be duly documented.