PROMS System

We offer a highly efficient solution for converting existing semi.submersibles into floating production units - ideal for small and uncertain field developments. The GVA propriety PROMS concept offers cost and time effective conversions by means of a pre-fabricated hull section which is added to the existing vessel during a short period of downtime or shipyard stay.

The existing unit remains virtually ”as is”. The whole process plant and the necessary utilities are all within the PROMS extension.

The PROMS concept allows the process plant to be laid out specifically for its purpose, with maximum segregation between hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

The PROMS extension is designed to reinforce the whole unit structurally and to add the necessary buoyancy to give the new unit the necessary weight carrying capacity and stability. It also gives the new unit an extended fatigue life.

Extra mooring capacity, if  necessary , is taken care of within the PROMS extension. The additional anchor winches and other mooring equipment is mounted there.

The PROMS extension can be designed and fabricated in the most efficient way, independent of the existing unit, and the topside process deck module can be let as a separate contract to a specialist module fabricator, to be lifted onboard where convenient.

The mating of the existing semisubmersible and the PROMS extension is simple and can be done either in-shore in floating condition or in a drydock.

The existing unit will only be required late in the project, when mating with the PROMS extension takes place. Off-hire time is therefore short.