Safe Regalia

Safe Regalia is a GVA 3000 diving and construction support vessel, designed for operation world wide in the most harsh environmental conditions.

The vessel is equipped with extensive resources in terms of lifting capacity, diving support and an outstanding spacy deck area, as well as accommodation facilities.

Regalia has a fully redundant dynamic positioned unit, including six 2.6 MW azimuthing thrusters. The unit is also equipped with eight 86 mm mooring lines, each 2.500 m.

Main features are:

A 16 men, full saturation diving system with an operation depth of 450 m. Two bells and a chamber system. Specific feature is a hyperbasic life boat capable to take a full diving crew.

A fire fighting III system for 10.000 m³/h capacity.

Accommodation for 236 persons in one- or two bed cabins. Added modules can accommodate up to 600 persons.

Vast deck area for storage.

Two heavy deck cranes, one at 200 tonnes at 20 m and one at 100 tonnes at 25 m. Both cranes have a lifting capacity down to 450 m water depth.

One 42.5 m long hydraulic, telescoping gangway.


Product data:

TypeAccommodation, Construction
Operation Water Depth450