Thunder Horse

Production and drilling unit

The Thunder Horse field is located in Gulf of Mexico Mississippi Canyon 776, 777, 778 in 6,200 ft (1,920 m) water depth. BP is owner and operator with Exxon as partner.

Thunder Horse is the largest ever designed and fabricated steel Semi-submersible with a displacement of 130,000 tonnes, and the world largest deck load carrying capacity, 40,000 tonnes, for a semi. GVA involvement in the project included hull and drilling FEED.

The Unit is designed for one draft only, and shall remain on location in a 100-year hurricane event, moored with a 16-point chain-wire-chain taut-leg system.

HSE is put forward by BP as one prime objective.

The field has 6 pre-drilled wells. Remaining 10 wells will be drilled by the Unit. Work-Over of the Thunder Horse wells will be performed by the Units drilling equipment.

Thunder Horse has 12” production and water injection Steel Catenary Risers. Export risers are 20”/24” SCR’s.
The Hull, Drilling and Quarters were built at DSME, Korea. The Production Modules were built and lifted on Thunder Horse in GOM. The Unit is currently installed at the field and has started early production.

Product data:

TypeFloating production
Operation Water Depth1900