Transocean Rather

The Transocean Rather and Transocean Richarson are GVA 4500 drilling units. The units are designed for world wide operations in compliance with relevant rules and regulations, including DNV, NMD, NPD, USCG, UK DEn, COGLA, CCG, NLPD, IMO.

The GVA 4500 Rather and Richardson were designed to meet the clients' high requirements for low motion responses, yet maintaining high deck load capacity and structural integrity.

The GVA 4500 Rather and Richardson are based on the well proven GVA 4000 concept, featuring a rigid deck box structural supported by four columns, two pontoon hulls and two horizontal bracings.

All critical areas in the design is accessed from the inside of the unit, which means that inspection can be done also under drilling operations.

The units were built at a Far East yard, Daewoo, in Korea, with a wide-ranging package of technical support, as well as on-site support during construction, from GVA.

The units were equipped with eight combined chain-wire mooring systems and two azimuthing, 2.6 MW thrusters.

Product data:

Operation Water Depth1370 m