The Troll C Floating Production Unit, a half sister to the Visund FPDU, was contracted a year later at the same shipyard in Norway, the Umoe Olje & Gass. Still a Umoe/GVA 8000 in size and shape, this facility is a "production only" unit.

Another different feature of this platform compared with the Visund FPDU is the riser attachment. For this facility all the risers are passing through J-tubes and steel pipes from the pontoon to the deck level, which is advantageous from a weight and stability point of view. Additionally this solution provides protection of the risers in case one riser ruptures and causes fire on the water.

Production rates for the Troll C platform are 190,000 BPD of oil and 320 MMSCFPD of gas.

Product data:

TypeFloating production
Operation Water Depth300